Pure Data & custom control using Leap Motion, Joystick & Touch OSC.

Here’s a couple of videos showing a custom performance interface using Pure Data. Here’s what’s going on… Pure Data – a patch constructed of a drum sample player, a video mixer and a sequencer. Joystick – controlling visual effects and sequencer control through junXion. iPad – sequencer control using a TouchOSC interface. Leap Motion – […]


Manfred Mann’s Earth Band vs. Chief Digger – Blinded By The Lights (Remix)

Blinded By The Lights, I always liked it, and pictured it as little remix. As I was preparing for an AV show at Cody Dock in East London I thought it may be fun to throw it into the mix somewhere so had a little play. It took on a life of its own from […]


Shake (Dubstep + Drum’n'Bass = Drumstep)

Here’s a track I’ve been working on, a cross between dubstep & drum’n’bass (must be drumstep?). It’s a work in progress at the moment, so may emerge later in a different form… I hope you enjoy listening listening to it. Feel free to leave a comment in the player if you’re into Soundcloud…


A Tramride in Soller, Majorca

SollerHere’s a single shot film experiment made in Soller, Majorca. The film captures the tram journey from the Port de Sóller travelling around the bay and into the town of Sóller. The playback speed of the recorded footage was increased 400%, with the recorded sound transformed into an ambient soundscape using reverb and delay, building […]


Dungeness – A Short Film

Dungeness is an extreme landscape on the south coast of England. Part nature reserve, part fishing community, and home to a steam railway and a nuclear power station. I’ve wanted to visit for years, and to use footage of the area in a film. The film aims to explore the juxtaposition of environments at Dungeness, […]